A Working Vacation


I’m spending the first month of 2015 with my family in Andalucia. After a terrible horrible no good very bad year, there’s something to be said for a geographic reboot. I’m working a lot, but there are lovely distractions. Late mornings, the three of us head down to the beach for a coffee by the Mediterranean. We feed stale bread, which we cart around specifically for this purpose, to the sparrows that congregate around the cafe tables. We pet the stray cats as they amble by. We explore the windy streets in a tiny car. We take naps.

The best part is the light. I pull up my pant legs, I push up my shirt sleeves, I turn my face to the sun and let it warm every part of me.


The flora is beyond.


Mi madre contemplating the Mediterranean.


My pops talking to his shadow


Don’t worry, you’re covered.


Where the napping happens.

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